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  • Bear Fruit Yo-Yos Bear Fruit Yo-Yos Fruit roll ups in any three flavours of your choice. A good, healthy snack with no nasties.
  • Bear Fruit Yo-Yos Bear Fruit Yo-Yos Make someone smile with any three flavours of Bear Fruit Yo-Yos, just because they're fun.
  • Bespoke Boxes Bespoke Boxes Can't find the right kind of Healing Box? Get in touch through our Bespoke Box service and get a tailor made box just for you or your loved one.
  • Large Box Large Box Our Large Boxes contain 8 items, including recycled & handmade notebooks, bamboo socks, meditation CDs, ginger sweets for nausea and more.
  • Medium Box Medium Box Our Medium Boxes contain 5 items, including palm stones with supportive words on, so you have something to hold on to when you need it most.
  • Small Box Small Box Our Small Boxes contain our 3 most popular items. Bamboo socks for comfort, hand cream to feel nice and fruit roll ups for fun.
  • Gin-Gins Ginger Sweets Gin-Gins Ginger Sweets Nausea is sometimes hard to manage and comes with a variety of conditions. Our ginger sweets may help take the edge off and bring comfort.
  • Greeting Cards Greeting Cards Keeping in contact with loved ones is so important in difficult times, which is why we stock our own greeting cards.
  • Hand Cream Hand Cream Help someone feel pampered by adding hand cream to their Healing Box, made with organic almond oil and organic shea butter.
  • Notebook Notebook Think of this handmade, fairtrade, recycled notebook as your imagination pad!
  • Teapigs Teapigs Teapigs. Perfect for comfort, that well needed boost or just a little something different. Check out our range.
  • Yaoh Lip Balm Yaoh Lip Balm They're small but they're so important. Our organic hemp lip balm can be just what someone needs when they're stuck in hospital, and they smell great!
  • Donate a Box Donate a Box Want to do something wonderful? You can buy a small, medium or large box to be donated to our current hospice or charity.
  • Meditation CDs Meditation CDs It's often very difficult to relax when pain or stress can cause tension in the body. Our meditation CDs can help bring stress levels down and help you find peace in the chaos of a crisis.
  • Bamboo Socks Bamboo Socks Everyone likes to keep snug and warm. What better way than with our super-soft bamboo socks in a variety of colours.
  • Palm Stones Palm Stones Handmade, unique and beautiful. Give someone something truly special with a supportive Palm Stone.
  • Palm Stones Palm Stones Our Palm Stones are perfect for bringing support at difficult times. Give someone Strength or Courage to hold on to when they need it most.
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We offer delightful, practical and ethically filled gift boxes for people dealing with illness or tough times. Our boxes, designed to comfort, uplift and provide support, are chocked full of thoughtfully chosen, beautiful, yet pragmatic items. For reading. Eating. Doing. Feeling.
For healing.

We believe in…
The power of reaching out
Giving gifts that are heart-warming and genuinely useful
Actively supporting people during difficult times
Spreading joy
Ethically produced goods
Thoughtfulness as a healing tool
Supporting our community

Large pile of Healing BoxesDrawing upon our personal experiences, health challenges, life crises and healing journeys, our staff and board have brought together a uniquely tailored collection of gift items sure to please the most discerning Healing Boxes recipient.

Available in pre-selected combinations, or as one-of-a-kind creations, all of our boxes can be purchased through our online shop, and are professionally packed and shipped with compassion and care.

Healing Boxes proudly supports our community by donating a portion of all profits to local hospices and charities. We have been given a Future Young Leader of Wales Award from The Fairwood Trust and been featured in The Times, amongst other respected publications.

Looking to know us better? Check out the Healing Boxes story and meet our team.

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