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Bespoke Healing Box

Text ' Buy a Bespoke Healing Box' on a purple banner over image of two healing boxes hospital wellness giftsAre you looking for a tailored box?

Buying a gift for someone with allergies or sensitivities?

You’re in the right place! At Healing Boxes we specialise in finding just the right gift for your special person. From allergy free boxes to gifts suitable for those with lowered immune systems, or people who have ‘everything’ but still need support – we can tailor a gift to your needs.

GraceJust book a friendly, no obligations chat with our founder and gift designer extraordinaire, Grace Quantock.

Buy now to book a Bespoke Box consultation. (This deposit will be put towards the cost of your bespoke box).

Then click here to book your consultation.

And we’ll get just the right box, made just for you!

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