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How Can I Help?

We think it’s awesome that you want to get stuck in. Kind folks like you are instrumental in getting Healing Boxes to each and every person who needs them. You can help by:

Signing up for our newsletter

Healing Boxes is always developing new plans, new boxes and new ways to get involved. You’ll get the latest on what we’re up to – and how you can help – by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Donating a box

Buying a Healing Box for a loved one is an act of beautiful generosity, but there are people everywhere that need support. We provide simple ways for you to buy a box for someone, or donate a box to a local hospice or charity. Check out the Donate a Box section of our shop for details.

Making a general donation

Healing Boxes is a non-profit organisation and we regularly donate Healing Boxes to local hospices and charities. By making a single or monthly donation you help us give even more Healing Boxes to those in need. Monetary gifts also provide us with the means to expand our stock and further develop our boxes, making them better all the time.

Spreading the word

Word of mouth has been a pivotal part of Healing Boxes’ success. If you’d like to help spread our message, you can:
• Tell your friends and family about us
• Send a box! There’s no better testimonial than actually seeing the impact of the products we’re so proud of
• Follow us on Twitter and use the tweetables to show your support and encourage your followers to check us out
• Like our Facebook page and share our updates with your friends

Become an affiliate

By becoming a Healing Boxes affiliate you get to spread the word, share Healing Boxes and get paid to do it. If you write a blog, use social media or run a website this may be perfect for you. It’s simple, easy to set up and we’d love to have you on board.

Interested? Check out our affiliate page.

Becoming a local stockist

If you or someone you know, is interested in selling Healing Boxes, please get in touch. Email linus@healing-boxes.com or check out our Wholesale Page for more information.

Creating a testimonial

Have you bought or received a Healing Box? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience. Whether you write it or record it (we love pictures and video!), allowing us to put your testimonial on our website lets others see the effect Healing Boxes has and that’s powerful stuff! Email linus@healing-boxes.com with the subject line, “Testimonial”. Need more details? Find them here.

Supporting a loved one

Do you know someone who is struggling with a health issue or crisis? Knowing how to best show your support isn’t always easy. A Healing Box is a great place to start, but we’ve also put together a list of 5 other ways you can help here.

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