Why We Do It

It began with a dear friend in the hospital.

Suddenly, unexpectedly. We felt helpless in that moment, and it was awful. Too far away to visit, we felt there was little we could do.

Until we realized we could send our support. In a healing, heartwarming box of cheer.

It sounded so simple, so obvious. But as we began to search for the right gift, we were utterly disheartened by what little was appropriate and available. A card and flowers? Not enough. Fruit? She had probably been given more edible arrangements than she could eat. And knowing her particular challenges and allergies, meant a box of chocolates was out of the question too.Healing Boxes Living with chronic illnesses ourselves, we inherently knew what was needed. So we searched and packaged up a variety of lovingly chosen items our dear one would enjoy and be able to use.

The very first Healing Box was born.

It did the trick! We were able to show our support, and give our friend a set of lovely, yet practical things. Things that brought a smile and showed how deeply we cared. When another friend faced a personal challenge, we created another Healing Box, full of different items, selected just to suit them.

It wasn’t long before we started getting requests. Friends (then friends of friends) familiar with our penchant for high quality products and sharing happiness asked us to design and send our signature boxes to loved ones all over the world.

It was then we realized just how powerful – how truly healing – our boxes could be.

Healing Boxes Street StallHealing Boxes became more than a business, it became a mission: to spread comfort, joy, compassion and love, to every person in need. To this end, we assembled a board of fantastic people, passionate about helping others and formally made Healing Boxes a Community Interest Company (CIC)*.

The rest, as they say, is history. We are constantly on the lookout for new products that meet our standards, new ways to reach out to our community and are thrilled to know we are touching – and brightening – lives, everyday.

*A CIC is UK based type of company specifically designed to use their profits and assets for the public good and the benefit of the community. Quite simply, it’s a business and charity all rolled into one neat little package… or in our case, a box.