Beyond the Boundaries Healing Box


Beyond The Boundaries Healing Box is an all-in-one support kit for those who are house or bedbound, bored, struggling and looking for a better way.

Based on our founder Grace Quantock’s ebook, Beyond the Boundaries: Finding Freedom & Fulfilment Within Four Walls, this Healing Box will provide you with a downloadable copy of the ebook, which comes as a PDF as well as an audiobook, as well as a collection of goodies designed to support you in looking after the wonderful YOU!

All together you will receive:

A downloadable copy of Beyond the Boundaries: Finding Freedom & Fulfilment Within Four Walls. Self-Care Edition delivered as an audio book and a PDF

A tiny pewter angel to hold onto, supporting and inspiring your self-care practice

A themed journal to use to make your Limits Liberation Blueprint

A pair of super-soft bamboo socks for stylish and comfortable dressing-in-bed

A rose and geranium scented soap to help personal care be a little more approachable

… all delivered to your door.

Choose your preferences below (the gifts you receive may look different from those pictured):


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Find freedom within four walls with the Beyond the Boundaries Healing Box. You’ll get a download of Grace Quantock’s Beyond the Boundaries ebook, along with physical items to help you practice radical self-care and go beyond the boundaries!
If you’re here because you are stuck in bed or at home (short or long term) and wondering how to cope, you aren’t alone…
If you’re stuck in bed and bored,
If you feel lonely, sad and left out,
If struggling with self-care (or lack of it) drains your energy and leads to spiralling self-criticism or shame,
…then Beyond the Boundaries Healing Box is here for you.

Healing Boxes co-founder, wellness provocateur Grace Quantock is the author is the new ebook Beyond the Boundaries: Finding Freedom & Fulfilment Within Four Walls. Self-Care Edition. Living well when bed or house bound is a topic dear to our hearts at Healing Boxes, so we’ve designed a Healing Box for just this purpose.

When you live beyond the boundaries, you see your bed as a launch pad for living your life.
When you live beyond the boundaries, you learn to transcend your limits in everyday life.
When you live beyond the boundaries, you don’t have to wait until things are perfect to be happy.
You aren’t broken, you’re breaking boundaries.

Inside this ebook is empowerment, inclusion and accessible coping tools.
Beyond the Boundaries: Finding Freedom & Fulfilment Within Four Walls. Self-Care Edition is delivered as an audio book and a PDF. You can read it or lie back and listen to Grace’s soothing voice reading to you.

This is an experiential, inclusive experience. Through the book, you’ll be guided to create your own Limits Liberation Plan, your own guide to living well, (wherever you are).
You’ll finish with a completed, accessible self-care plan that fits you.

imgres“I loved my Healing Box! It brightened my day to have a self-care package delivered straight to my door, and the delight of it all lasted days…
Sipping my tea… carrying my palm stone with me everywhere. The notecards are beautiful. I can’t wait to treat myself again!”

– Chase Nadine, UK


Jenni Prokopy close up“Healing Boxes are a fun way to share support and love with someone in need. They are quirky and useful and a delight to receive, and the company’s customer service is top notch.”

 Jenni Prokopy, founder & editrix of


Esme Wang against out of focus background“Thank you to Grace and Linus and the Healing Boxes team for the beautiful box of treats, which will bolster me (and already has). Thank you so much for your support.”

 Esme Wang, Novelist and Essayist


Flora Bowley Artist with green painting behind her“Receiving a Healing Box from a total stranger completely lightened up my (not-so-light) day. It’s amazing how such a simple heartfelt gift made me feel so loved and seen, especially in the wake of my mother’s passing. Really love the intention behind these little boxes of love.”

Flora Bowley, internationally celebrated painter, workshop facilitator, top-selling author, visionary and inspirationalist



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