Support for Carers Consultation

Are you…

  • A new carer?
  • Or been caring for many years?
  • In a situation where your caring responsibilities have suddenly increased?
  • Caring for a parent or grandparent?
  • Caring for a partner?
  • Wondering how to navigate having care workers, personal assistants or other professionals in your house?
  • Wanting to handle being a carer while still being a partner or parent?

The person who is sick or struggling needs support AND so do you.

Caring responsibilities can be tough, but so can navigating roles as a carer. You might be a carer and at the same time, be a parent, or grandparent, an employee, a spouse, a lover.


This is a space where you can explore navigating these challenges.

As this is coaching, clients’ outcomes will vary based on their individual needs and goals. This is tailored to you and your needs.

That’s why Healing Boxes offers Support for Carers Consultation. It’s an hour-long session of coaching and support offered via Zoom video call (or by telephone, according to which is easiest for you). You’ll get a personalised questionnaire to fill out, with insightful questions to support you in reflecting on what you need now and going forward.

You’ll jump on the phone or Zoom, and you’ll get an hour that’s yours. Whatever you need, whatever struggles, fears, pains, issues that are plaguing you will be heard by a person who can hold them. Someone you don’t have to comfort, educate or protect. This is space for you. And never underestimate the power of being truly heard

I’m Grace Quantock, co-founder of Healing Boxes. I’m a wellness provocateur, coach and have both been a carer and lived with chronic illness personally for nearly 20 years. I’ve got over 600 hours of working therapeutically with people with carers and people with chronic or serious illness and/or other marginalised identities.

I created this offering as I know sometimes a session can help change the way we go forward in the world and our future.

This is a helping hand on your path.

Book a session today.

Price: £45.00 for a one hour session.

N.B: Sessions are limited, due to the one on one nature of the work. Buy a session and you’ll get a link to book a session on Grace’s calendar and fill out a questionnaire to begin your work together.