Self-Care Check-In Catalogue

Have you ever looked up from your device and wondered where the last hour (or two, or more) of your life went?

Wondered who spitefully replaced your spine with a series of inflexible sticks and how they managed it?

Felt sick from all the information and stimulation you’d taken in and despite all those ‘DIY’, ‘5 Easy Steps to Fabulous’  articles, you still felt absolutely confused about where to begin or go from here?

Have you then, actually, just collapsed further, because it turns out, binge-watching/scrolling may have it’s own health risks that just aren’t printed on the side of the packet.

So how do we re-calibrate and re-set?

After those moments of mindfulness, when we come back to ourselves and realise we are not in a position we want to be in, what happens next?

In this guide, you will create a tailored Self-Care Check-In Catalogue for those moments when you feel stuck and just need to know what to do next. 

Do your future self a favour and set up good templates today!

Suggested donation – £5.25.


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