Chemo Box

If you or a loved one are going through chemo, support is needed.

We’ll design a bespoke box that fits their needs and isn’t filled with plastic or tat. Instead, we draw on years of experience supporting people having chemo to design a box that meets your needs.

For example, did you know that chemo can cause a metallic taste in the mouth and so bamboo utensils can be easier to use?

Or that tiredness can be as much of a side effect as sickness?

How to tie a beautiful head wrap that’s stylish and practical?

We know and we can help you with this.

At Healing Boxes we specialise in finding just the right gift for your special person.

Just book a friendly, no obligations chat with our founder and gift designer extraordinaire, Grace Quantock.

Buy now to book a Bespoke Box consultation for just £10. (This deposit will be put towards the cost of your bespoke box). You will then be given a link to book your consultation on an online calendar.

And we’ll get just the right box, made just for you!

Images are demonstrative of the kinds of items that can be included.