Personalised Meditations

Do you want to learn to meditate but meditations never really seem to work for you?

If you always drift off, check out or find standard meditations triggering or unsuitable for your spiritual or religious practices, then this is for you.

Let me introduce Grace Quantock, co-founder of Healing Boxes and a trained mindful movement and meditation facilitator.

Grace will work with you to design and record bespoke meditations that fit you.

Want a meditation that is set in your favourite fictional world?
Need mindfulness that fits with your faith?
Seeking a background of punk rock or bhangra music and absolutely positively no whale sounds?
Looking for a meditation that fits your body and needs (no ‘feel your feet’ prompts post amputation)?
Then this is for you!

Prices start at £30 for 30 minute a consultation and 1 personalised 8-10 minute meditation.

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