Healing Boxes featured on The Huffington Post

Healing Boxes TBI Care Kit has been featured on The Huffington Post as a recommended gift for those experiencing traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury or concussion.

We designed the TBI Care Kit because we want to live in a world where, when painful things occur, when the unthinkable – unwanted, impossible to plan for – happen, you have access to the support and comfort you need.

We are so tired of well-intentioned gifts that miss the mark. The present that’s so lovely…except you can’t use it now (you know, after the accident).

We are frustrated by our culture’s attitude to hospital gifts, because seriously, when you’ve survived a serious injury, or even a near-death experience; you deserve better than a generic ‘get well soon’ card and swiftly fading flowers.

We want you to have the tools and support you need to manage this painful situation. Imagine if you had a wise friend, someone who’d walked this road before you, who could sit with you and answer your questions, listen to your frustrations, help you navigate this new journey (and leave you with a care kit equipped with all the useful things you need).

TBI traumatic brain injury amy zellmer Healing gift box on white background

So, we’ve created the TBI Care Kit Healing Box in collaboration with TBI survivor and Huffington Post columnist Amy Zellmer. We’ve surveyed hundreds of TBI survivors to create the ultimate care kit. Distilling all that wisdom and love into a beautiful box just for you. It’s filled with all the support and healing items you need and handmade with ethically sourced products and lots of love.

Right now, I want you to give yourself (or a TBI survivor that you love) the gift of comfort and support with a TBI Care Kit Healing Box.

Traumatic Brain Injury Care Kit designed by Amy Zellmer

(We ship worldwide, hooray!)

You can read all the details of just what goodies you’ll be getting and purchase here.