Newly Diagnosed? We Have (Nearly) All You Need To Know

newly diagnosed with stethoscope
A new diagnosis. I’ve been there many times. And I’ve written extensively on the subject. So if you’ve googled your way here because you are newly diagnosed, or if you’re new to my work, this is a great place to start.

Consider this a directory of sorts; someplace for you to find just what you need for just where you are right now – and where you will be on your healing journey. Bookmark it. Enjoy it. And know I’ve created it just for precious you.

Diagnosis: A How To of How To Get One

For many of us getting the right diagnosis is as difficult as the diagnosis itself. This guide will help you give your doctor the information she needs to reach a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

At the Doctor’s Office: How To Handle Your Appointments

Doctor appointments and consults can leave you confused and overwhelmed. Follow these simple but essential guidelines to get the most out of your doctor’s time.

When You Are Waiting For News

Waiting for test results is one of the hardest parts of being ill. Read on to learn how to hold on when you’re told you have to wait months – until those tests come back.

Diagnosis, What Diagnosis?

You’ve gone into the appointments with your index cards, and told the good doctor all you can. You’ve done the diagnosis dance. And then, after all the tests come back, there aren’t any answers. Just you, asking, “huh?” Some conditions don’t have a name, which is indescribably frustrating. How can you deal with what you can’t see? This post will help you cope.

When the Doctors Says, “No Cure”

Being told there is no cure for the illness or issue you have is one of the hardest things to hear. Sometimes it means living for years with a complicated or painful condition. Or coping with a life limiting illness and shortened life span. This incredibly difficult subject is tackled here and can provide some support.

New Diagnosis: Where to Turn

After receiving a new diagnosis it can seem impossible to know where to turn. Those around us struggle with the news too and may not be equipped to help us on our journey. I suggest an always – present place to turn that is suitable for all. Religious? Not at all? Agnostic? Atheist? This method is a go-to designed to help everyone.

5 Ways to Cope When You Get a New Diagnosis

‘Nuff said. 5 tools to cope when you are newly diagnosed.

Your Diagnosis Does Not Define You

You are more than the label they gave you. Bigger than just the facts on your charts. Looking beyond your diagnosis and bringing you back to the reality that there is much more to your story.

Acceptance Isn’t A Point, It’s A Process

Isn’t acceptance the goal? We have “accepted” our situation, we are “at peace”, we can “move on”. How neat. Only, our search for acceptance can turn into self-development spiraling out of control, a relentless pursuit of this fabled state. We dream it will provide an emotional palliative. What happens when it doesn’t? Or if we never get there in the first place?

When You Are First Diagnosed: What I Didn’t Know Then That Can Help You Now (Part 1)

A few simple tips for plotting your way through your new reality, steps I wish I had realised much earlier in my journey.

When You Are First Diagnosed: What I Didn’t Know Then That Can Help You Now (Part 2)

Three more rules of thumb that have served me well since my own diagnosis. Guidelines you can use right now as you move forward on your own healing path.

What is a Sick Chick? How To Turn Trail Blazer

You’ve heard me talking about Sick Chicks and Turning Trail Blazer, but what’s it all about? This primer and how-to guide will get you up to speed on all you need to know.

The Sick Chick To Trail Blazers’ Manifesto

Turning Trail Blazer also comes with a heart-soaked, loving manifesto. Grab it here.

What To Take To A Hospital/Doctor’s Appointment: The 7 Essentials You’ll Be Glad You Packed

Is it a routine check-up that’s giving you the jitters? Or are you struggling with a hard case of the wait-and-see’s while you wait for test results? Hospitals can be hard, especially when you are ill. They may be there to help us but often, they are places where painful things happen, or where we’ve received traumatising news. How can we pack ourselves a practical bag of comfort? Read this to find out.

7 Ways To Rock Your Hospital Appointment

If you’re going in, then do it well! I’ve made a list of ways to make your appointments as easy and loving as possible. Drawn from my years of experience and the collective wisdom of the Trail Blazers’ Community.

Dealing With The DWP and Disability Benefits Agencies in General

A discussion on coping with benefits agencies. When first dealing with benefits agencies you may feel like Alice, through the looking glass. But the world isn’t quite as topsy-turvy as it first seems and there are ways to navigate, survive – even succeed! – at getting through the bureaucratic (and emotional) red tape. Being ill can be boring, painful and just plain bite. Here is a list of things to do to bring back your smile.

49 Things To Do When You Are Sick, In Bed, and Bored

Being ill can be boring, painful and just plain bite. Here is a list of things to do to bring back your smile.


103 MORE things to do – because sometimes, one just can’t get enough cheering up.