Healing with Self-Care Kits

Happy Boxes for Healing

I’ve told the story of how we set up Healing Boxes many times, but what I haven’t shared often, is the story of the secret Healing Box that started it all. The first Healing Box was mine, but I didn’t make it, my Grandmother did.

I was housebound and then bed bound with chronic illness, I was hurting, lonely and blue. Grandma put together a beautiful silver box tied with a wide velvet ribbon, and inside were beautiful things.

Self-Care Kits are boxes that you fill with goodies (or, if you order a Healing Box, we’ll do the work and fill it with ethical, tailored healing goodies for you) then it’s up to you to use it as you need. I like to keep things that are comforting, like a small bottle of my favourite scent, some lovely buttons that were a gift, little toys like a kaleidoscope and some clay for art-therapy, cards and notes from friends to re-read and cheer myself up, copies of my favourite books and films to enjoy, as well as my journal, relaxation CDs and contact numbers of people I can call in difficult times.

Creating a treasure chest of joys, happy activities, pleasant memories and favourite things that I can dip into is vital. CLICK TO TWEET

How do you make your own Self-Care Kit? Well, I’d love to help you design one, so book a free consult here. But if you’d like to put together your own, the first thing is to get a box, designate it as your Self-Care Kit and then keep it in mind. Fill it with things you love, you can begin by looking around your house and asking if there are any letters from loved ones, postcards that make your laugh or funny cartoons etc. that you like and add them to the box. Keep thinking of your box and you will keep adding resources, and use the box when you need.

I’ve made us a Virtual Self-Care Kit here. I hope you enjoy it.

With love and heart-hugs,

Grace xxx

P.S We have always made Self-Care Kits, let us build one for you.