The Power of Kindness


Sometimes the world can seem like a scary place. Whether we hear reports on the news or see traumas happen in front of us, it can so often feel like there’s so much to be scared of.

And we have our own challenges to deal with. Whether we’re living with health challenges or we’re being kept busy with life’s practicalities. Maybe we deal with some not-so-positive people day to day. We don’t have time to deal with the world’s problems. It can all feel so… huge!

But there’s a common misconception that goes along with all this, which is that if the problems are so huge and complex, we need some kind of huge and complex solution.

This is where kindness comes in. So maybe it’s not exactly a solution to the world’s problems, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s simple, it can be small, but the power of it can be incredible!

Kindness has the power to melt the boundaries that often sit between us, or build bridges where there was a large chasm. Kindness connects us and reminds us that, underneath all our sometimes hard exteriors we’re all real people, trying to do our best. And it can warm our hearts when someone reaches out to us and let’s us know that they see the real US underneath it all.

So I encourage everyone reading this to do a random act of kindness. For yourself, for someone you know, for a stranger, for anyone.

Here are a few important things to remember

A kind gesture doesn’t have to be huge to have a huge impact.

The kindness of strangers is a two way street. We’re all strangers to someone.

Even if you can’t see the effects of your kind acts, trust that they can creating ripples that stretch beyond our imaginations.

Suggested kind acts:

– Choose one of your social media friends or followers at random and send them something to make them smile.

– If you know someone who’s struggling, let them know you’re there for them.

– Buy a small something from a shop and ask the cashier to give it to the next customer as a gift.

– Send someone a card and celebrate their un-birthday. Why wait for a specific date to tell them they’re great?

– Stroke a dog.

– If you see someone who needs a hand, don’t just pass by. Break from your routine and help them out.

– Make a mix tape or photo collage for a friend, co-worker or a stranger.


– Ask someone how they are and then really listen to their answer.

– Cook someone a meal.

– If someone acts in a defensive or sharp way, respond with love and compassion.

– Offer your skills for free to someone who really needs them.

I could continue with this list (and maybe I will in a future blog post), but the best thing is for you to see what you can offer, be inventive and most of all, be kind.

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