Away with the phoenixes

We’ve been a little absent from our usual blogging routine as some of the Healing Boxes staff have been busy focusing on The Phoenix Fire Academy.

Sound interesting?

Phoenix Title Image

As part of The Sick Chick to Trial Blazer movement, the wonderful Grace Quantock has put together The Phoenix Fire Academy.

It is, put simply, an eight week course designed to help women live well with illness, put together a healing plan and learn to blaze their own trails. This course enables women to reclaim their lives and really, truly live in full colour. I can’t exactly do it justice in this short space, but there’s a lot more information about this here.

Box Small
In our previous post we mentioned a free Healing Box giveaway. This will be open for another two weeks and we will announce the winner on Wednesday 9th July. If you’re interested in winning a free Healing Box the details of the competition are in Issue 2 of The Pillow Fort magazine. Get your copy here.

Thankfully, in our own blogging absence, some other truly wonderful people have been kind enough to include Healing Boxes in their blog posts. Check out Cassy Fry’s Awesome Get Well Gifts for Sick Friends post and NeuroNula’s 5 Ways to Maintain Positivity Despite a Life with Illness post.