Taking off and Taking Flight!

Taking Flight 1It’s that time again!

Heading in to Summer, one of the things we look forward to here at Healing Boxes is the open air, accessible and totally exciting work of Taking Flight Theatre.

Over the last few years we’ve been out to see them perform Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night and Branwen’s Starling with a fully integrated disabled and non-disabled cast.

Having been to various theatres, we’re always truly impressed by Taking Flight. Not only do they make their productions wonderfully exciting to see (it’s really something to experience Shakespeare performed in the open air in and around real castle grounds!), but their productions are interactive and beautifully inclusive. We can’t help but feel like part of the show when it’s happening all around us.

Taking Flight 2Taking Flight are about to begin their Summer tour of As You Like It, so check out their tour dates and, if you’re able to, go on out and see them, they may be heading your way! We’re sure you’ll be impressed.

They do fantastic work in many areas and you can read Disability Arts Online’s review of Taking Flight’s project ‘Real Human’ here, performed around schools to deal with the issue of disability hate crime.

The Pillow FortIn other news, our Healing Boxes have been really taking off (see what I did there 🙂 ) and we’ve collaborated with The Pillow Fort to giveaway a free Healing Box to one lucky competition winner. We won’t give away all the details now, but they’re in the latest issue of The Pillow Fort Magazine, so if you want to enter, get your copy here. If you’re not familiar with The Pillow Fort, they are a wonderful organisation who live by the philosophy of ‘making chronic illness suck less!’

Now doesn’t that just sound great?

Taking Flight Theatre photography by Jorge Lizalde Cano