Healing Boxes Featured in Marie Claire UK Magazine

Everyone at Healing Boxes is so happy to be featured in this month’s (April) Marie Claire UK Magazine. Our founder Grace Quantock has been interviewed in their Wonder Woman column. It was very exciting to hear that Marie Claire had heard of our work and wanted to include Healing Boxes CIC in the magazine.

We urge you to pick up a copy to read the full scoop, but founder and wellness provocateur Grace Quantock talks about the highlights and history of Healing Boxes on her wellness coaching website here.

If you do pick up a copy, when you’ve finished reading it, please consider donating it to the waiting room of you your local hospital, GP surgery, dentist, optician or health centre. In this way we can spread the word of Healing Boxes and get the support to all those in need.

Marie Claire UK Magazine

Would you like a heart full of cheer and smiles?

Do you want to know your treat is benefiting the world?

Are you in need of support from someone who understands?

Order a Healing Box today for you or someone you love!

Healing Box for Marie Claire UK Magazine

These boxes are designed to comfort, uplift, and provide support to people struggling with illness or challenging times. Each box contains practical yet ethical gifts thoughtfully chosen by you or one of our skilled staff to strengthen the spirit.

Healing Boxes for Marie Claire UK Magazine

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