Throw Yourself A Healing Appreciation Celebration

You are not broken and you don't need to be fixed, white text on background of sunset and clouds over water - Throw Yourself A Healing Appreciation Celebration

Sometimes healing and changing our lives can feel so overwhelming.

We read or see all the things we need to do – collect prescriptions! Reduce stress! Eat more greens! Quit coffee!… Exhausting!

Sometimes it feels like one could drown under a big sea of healing things, or get crushed by a book avalanche of all the as-yet unread healing books.

Hold on, let’s put it all in perspective: we all need to acknowledge and celebrate all the healing things we are doing right now!

It sounds simple but it is so easy for amazing, powerful, healing acts to become routine and background and cease to be acknowledged as the brilliant-life-changing-superb-wellness-life-affirming-miracles they are.

It is time to pat ourselves on the back and have some healing appreciation all we are doing already.

You say thank you so many times per day. You might thank the doctor, the nurses, the pharmacist, your neighbour who carries your recycling boxes, your friend for picking up some food for you… but do you say thank you for all you are doing for yourself?

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Let’s recognise all we are doing for our wonderful healing-in-process bodies.

This is recognising the good we all do for ourselves every day. So each time we get up, that is a good choice. (I know the pain and how tempting is it to stay in bed and not have to face the days when being dressed is a seemingly insurmountable challenge, or when one is in too much pain to even think).

Every day that you get out of bed it is a choice you are making.

It is healing and it is a victory.

So what if you are not currently, for example, growing your own wheatgrass, meditating every morning and evening or whatever you wish you could do.

What you are doing is fabulous; reading this, something positive and loving for mind and body, maybe getting dressed, taking a walk, watching your breathing, giving yourself a gift. Show some healing appreciation.

Each time we manage any one of these wonderful healing actions we are doing good for our bodies. We are actively healing.

We are acknowledging and celebrating all we do rather than worrying about all the things we could do or all the things we are not doing yet.

If you want to make great changes in your life, that’s brilliant, but please take a moment to notice all the good you are already doing, for a start reading this site and wanting to heal. I mean how amazing is that? Gold stars to you! Healing Appreciation Celebration go!

Today is celebration day rather than the guilty “I haven’t done it yet day”.

I expect you do lots of things but you are so used to them they have become part of your life and habit. We can forget, but today we can re-focus on the benefits of all we do and be kind to ourselves.

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Do you need to shift your space to reflect this shift?

Think now (the first thing that comes to you), is there a part of your home which is draining you? Or making you feel sad, or guilty or stressed? Is it the toppling in-tray, the spare room turned junk room or the mound of ironing? We can make our homes our sanctuaries? We do not have to put up with an environment which doesn’t encourage us.

Pick the bit you want to tackle, or more likely don’t want to tackle – because really that is probably the one that needs it the most. Right now you do not have to plan how to change it. Just see if you can and make one small change today. Then tomorrow you can make another. Gradually, as these changes happen, the beautiful area it is becoming will emerge and take shape.

I have hopes that some of these words may help to share with you some ideas for healing. If you take time today to clear out some clutter (mental or physical) from your old life or your old dreams, then you are one more brave step along your own healing path and I am proud of you and I hope you are too!

If you threw an Healing Appreciation Celebration for yourself, what would you celebrate? Let us know on Twitter.

Image Credit: BeBeautyFilled