How to do exactly what you want every day

Beautiful landscapeIn our last blog post we talked about the importance of begin silly and having fun, or just doing something that you really want to do. So now we’re going to talk about how to actually do it. How to give yourself permission to do what you want to do.

That probably sounds a little strange. Why would you need permission after all? It’s your life. It’s your choice. And yet, we don’t always act as if it is.

Most of the time we may know what we want. We want to take time for ourselves. We want to rest, or move at our own pace, but something can stop us and, quite often, that’s guilt. The feeling that we haven’t earned the right to focus on ourselves. Or perhaps the feeling that we shouldn’t do it because others aren’t doing it for themselves.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the “should” of life. The idea that there are certain things that we should or shouldn’t be doing. These thoughts are often accompanied by comparisons.

The Big Bad SHOULD“I shouldn’t be having fun when so and so is working so hard.”

“I know I want to rest, but I really should get on with something.”

It’s time to look beyond the “should”. Often we don’t notice where we are “should-ing” ourselves, we become used to our own internal chatter, but you need to turn detective. Find those “shoulds” or Stop Should-ing Statements and then behind them you’ll find the fun.

To find your Stop Should-ing Statements, simply put pen to paper, or fingers to screen and write the sentence “Everyday I should/shouldn’t…..” and then allow your pen or fingers to flow. Free write from that place, see what appears. It may be old chestnuts you’ve struggled with many times, but what emerges may surprise you. List your Stop Should-ing Statements.

Stop Should-ing Statements
I most often ‘should’ myself around….

Our Stop Should-ing Statements can get in the way of us listening to ourselves, and it can convince us that we need to earn the permission to give ourselves something nice. So today, we’re asking you to write yourself a permission slip to do what you’ve been wanting to do.

Daily Fun Permission Slip
I…………, herby grant myself permission to do what I want today by: 
Signed………… Date………

Good job! Physically or mentally, you’ve surrendered your “shoulds” and given yourself permission for yourself. What’s your first step towards doing what you want today?

Be silly.
Have fun.
Take time out for some well needed self care.
Do nothing.

It’s okay. Honestly. And if we spend all our time waiting for permission from someone else, we could be waiting forever.

Listen to yourself, give yourself permission, and do what you want to do.

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Photo Credit: Theophilos via Compfight cc