Self-Care for Carers (Part 1)

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Isn’t it wonderful having a day off?
Relaxing in bed in the morning; enjoying space to get all your errands done; pampering yourself with a long bath and an early night that makes you feel like a new person.

But for those of us who are carers, a day off can feel as impossible as jumping to the moon and back. And even if we do manage to wrangle that, after it’s finished life takes over and you can feel the benefits evaporating almost as soon as ‘real-life’ intrudes.
I believe it doesn’t have to be like this, there is another way.
You deserve wellness, happiness and deep body joy woven through your life and enjoyed no matter the caring responsibilities, challenges or busyness you face. I believe that self-care for carers can be possible.

I’m going to share my story of creating beauty and self-care in the most challenging of circumstances and teach you how to do the same.

From turning my hospital bed into a holistic spa retreat to working with carers to implement effective and revitalising self-care practices, my formulae will teach you how to enjoy rejuvenation daily.
If you take one thing away today, I’d like you to make it this: practising daily self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a revolutionary act.

We live in a society that bases our worth on things like our monetary income rather than our confidence, the slimness of our hips, not how free and flexible we feel moving those hips, and that rates the tautness of our skin above the frequency of our smile.

When we step away from trying to be ‘enough’: rich enough, slim enough, young enough, thin enough, having enough time, enough money, enough space; and give ourselves the love, compassion and self-care we deserve now, we are creating an inner revolution that ignites an even bigger revolution.

Each day you take care of yourself now, you are standing up for what truly matters and teaching others that it’s possible and how to do the same.

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