That little bit extra

Chronic pain can be a drain.

Not to mention any of the other symptoms that come with so many chronic illnesses. Routines can be great to help manage the difficulties that arise with illness, but sometimes we can forget to shake the routine up a little.

It doesn’t need to be a great big deal. Small things can have a huge impact, and sometimes doing that little bit extra can make all the difference.

Banana splitWe were reminded of this just the other day with a bag of bananas. What would otherwise have been a simple snack was transformed into a do-it-yourself banana split party. We didn’t have all the makings for traditional banana splits, but we made do with what we had, and using the birthday candles at the back of the cupboard was the icing on the cake (or the candle on the banana split if you prefer).


A little inventiveness can turn simple, routine activities into something much more. It’s more about what feeling you give it than the event itself.

Rather than just watch a film, why not go to the cinema at home. Get as dressed up as you like, draw or print some mini tickets for yourself and begin the movie with the air of a night out/in. Other benefits are that you get to take in any snacks you choose and also bring your dog or cat (something which is largely discouraged in most mainstream cinemas).

A little planning goes a long way…
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