Planning for summer

Wow! It’s starting to feel like summer already, at least it is in this corner of Wales. Just yesterday I took some Healing Boxes to send off at our village Post Office and didn’t need a jumper, let alone a coat, which is pretty good for where we live.

Still, it’s only just the beginning of April. Perhaps a little too early to start planning for summer. Then again, maybe not. It may well be that you’re not looking forward to summer, and that’s okay. Not everyone does.

planning for summerThe summertime is often portrayed as the best time of year, the time that everyone looks forward to. But what if you don’t fit into that category, for whatever reason? It may be that you just prefer the winter months, or it may be that certain difficulties come with the intensity of summer. Perhaps it’s frustrating seeing how bright and warm it is if you’re not able to go outside as often as you’d like, or at all.

It can sometimes feel like there’s a pressure to be outside and to enjoy the weather (how many times have you heard the phrase “enjoy it while it’s here”?).

But there are a few things you can do that might make those difficulties a little easier. Planning for summer now can make all the difference later.

Firstly, acknowledging that you find aspects of summer hard might help. It won’t necessarily make you enjoy the time more, but it can at least take some of the pressure off, knowing that you don’t HAVE to enjoy it. It’s easy to fall into thinking that we shouldn’t feel like this, but we’ve had some words to say about ‘should’s before. Check out our post on taking down the Big Bad Should.

Secondly, you could always make a Summer Love List. If you’re not exactly looking forward to it, it can help to make a nice long list of the aspects of it that you enjoy, whatever they may be. It can sometimes help to shift the focus onto the positives. If you’re not sure what a Summer Love List looks like, you might find some ideas on Grace Quantock’s Winter Love List here.

If anything on this blog post has spoken to you, let us know how you’re planning for summer on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Denise P.S. via Compfight cc